A Little Catch Up

Well I have tried over the last few years to keep up with my Blog, its the one way I like to communicate the most in the craft world. Firstly its a space where all my bits are together. Secondly its a safe place because its mine, but its exciting to get visitors, especially if those visitors Like, Comment or Follow my Blog.  I do have a thing about keeping things contained, I think that is the old Secretary in me,  I have to have paperwork in a plastic wallet that lives in a file that lives in a box file that lives on a shelf and that has to have a mate where I put all my notes, then I need a reminder file to make me look at the notes!! I am sure you get the gist.

I think this is why I have ended up with two Gel Plate FB Pages,- Art On A Gelli Plate was my first one now my main one is Gel Plate Creations,  an Altered Arts and Crafts Page and a SamsHomeCookedDesigns Page, Oh and a Claritystamp Mixed Media Workshop Crew Page???  Mmmm is it a problem or does it mean I am organised??? You decide. I even have a You Tube Chanel, I am on Pinterest and now I do Instagram too - oh and Twitter?? No wonder I go to bed late.

Anyway as you know over the last few years I have had a lot of trouble with blogger.  But now I have pinched my Husbands Surface Computer so lets see if this and Blogger get along.

So last time I visited I think it was May this year.  Well should we do a little catch up?

I am now in my second year of my Claritystamp Mixed Media Workshops.  I have expanded now, I still teach them at  Billingham and now I also teach them  at Crafters Companion Aycliffe Store.

I love both of my workshops for very different reasons.  The Billingham Workshop is a Family Affair.  My Sisters, nieces, Husband, Brother In Law's and Kids all get involved when needed.  They set up the tables, do the shop, make tea and serve cake and biscuits, I have a photographer and so on and so on.  What a great family I have.  We are all very close and its great to be able to run my Workshops with the backup of my family.  Non of them get paid for it, they do it because they love me!! We have always been like that as a family really, if we are needed we chip in wherever and whenever needed.  Sometimes I think I have more family than Workshop Crew at my workshops???

This is me in front of a display of one of my Workshops
for Claritrysrtamp at the Crafters Companion Store, Aycliffe
So if any of you want to come along I will chuck a family member out of the room so that I can fit you in! 

So I run my other Clarity Mixed Media Workshops at Crafters Companion Aycliffe Store.  This is totally different but just as lovely.  I turn up and the tables are set - family are redundant- we get tea and cake in the morning, lunch at 12 and tea and cake in the afternoon from the lovely cafĂ© in store. I haven't been doing workshops here for very long so most of the people who come to this one are new to me.

We work a lot with Tiny pieces of Art in my
Workshops - I LOVE Tiny pieces of ART

Although I am spotting a little trend where the Aycliffe Crew want to come to my Billingham Workshops and the Billingham Crew want to go to my Aycliffe Workshops.  My intention was to get double use out of my Projects but that is going  a little wry, still I just twist them around a little so anyone who comes to both workshops is never quite sure if they did it before or not!!!

We did a bit of self made de-coupatch papers at my last
Claritystamp Workshop held at
Crafters Companion Ayciffe Store

I have loads more to tell you but for now I will leave it there. I hope you enjoy my little catch up Gallery of some of my workshops and Claritystamp DT Work over the last year or so and I hope you will come back again and join me again.  Please follow if you don't already and please leave me a comment or just say Hi if you are already a follower and I promise I will be back very soon.  Well actually it may be a few weeks but I will be back !


  1. Gosh, you do sound busy! Lovely to see you back in blogland and I enjoyed reading your 'catch up'. Hope you pop back in again soon with more of your creations!


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