The Craft Stamper Magazine Challenge

Hi there I have entered The Craft Stamper Magazine "Take It, Make It Challenge" .
Here is my finished Backing Paper.

 I do like to enter challenges when I get chance, it keeps me on my toes in between DT work.  This is one of my favourite challenges because you are always given a fair bit of freedom. 
 I also love the Magazine!!  So this challenge is :-
Take A Technique - TEXT ME! 
 all the details are shown on the Blog, I have put the Link further down.
So this is the original Gelli(R) Plate Print - It was a clean up sheet using two colours and a bit of extra pattern added with a Kitchen Patterned Pastry Sheet.
It's all about backgrounds and that's what I am all about.  I love to make backgrounds on my Gelli(R) Plate, a Canvas, a Journal Page, any kind of background really.  One of my little hobbies is to make a background sheet or page with Stamps - repeat pattern and all that! 
 So this is what I have used in my Challenge Submission.
It's a Gelli(R) Plate Print, some Stamping with one of my favourite sets of ClarityStamps and then a little finishing touch in the middle.
So this is where the Text Me part of the Challenge was used.  Its a ClarityStamp Backing stamp from their Journal Set.  It doesn't actually say anything, it was made as a background Stamp..  I stamped it randomly in the same two colours of the paint on the  Gelli (R) Print to make them just part of it.
Here I started to add in the Artist Easel from the Clarity Stamp Artist Set of Stamps. I positioned some of them so that the beginning of the "false" text starts just at the top of where the canvas would be. Then I did a bit of shading to embed the stamps into the background. I did the same with the inks, and positioned them all so that they looked like a  "Repeat Pattern"

So on here I started to make a Centre Piece - I stamped over a little Art Card I had left over from a Spray Ink Session and cut it out, I cut it on the inside of the Black stamp lines so that it looks like it has been drawn/painted straight onto the Canvas, then I used the same stamp over the top of it.   Normally with a Backing Paper like this you wouldn't  take up the centre position unless you were highlighting an area for a photo or something, but I thought in this case it would look good the other way round, so if you added photos or bits of art into the other Easles it would all look balanced.  Of course you could just dull the whole thing down by blending a thin layer of  paint over it  and use it as anything you like. I think personally it would be good in a Journal or Scrap Book.
Imagine having a Journal or Scrap Book especially to show miniature samples of all the cards or artefacts you had made, in Mini photos or small photocopies? It would definitely save us all having to keep so many photos on our IPads etc???
So this is the finished result - an A4 Backing Sheet - of course I did it on Card, so it could be made into an actual card, I like to keep my options open.  But for this one I think I will be adding it to my Crafting Journal - which is a record of what I have achieved and some of my favourite techniques.
So, They said no cards! Well this isn't a card so I am good to go?! It's an A4 backing sheet that can be muted down or highlighted, you could add photos in the other artist frames or words or just bits of Art - or you can leave it as it is - it is a Scrapbook Page, a Journal Page, an Art Book Cover? Whatever you want it to be.
  That is the beauty of backing sheets,
They aren't finished!
They have only just begun!
Mmmmm I have just made that up, I like that  !!!!
- Backing papers have only just begun their Journey!!! x
So I would like to enter this in the Craft Stamper Challenge for February 2016
I hope you like it.

Bye for now, thanks for dropping by and remember - 
Carry On Crafting!
Sam Crowe xxx


  1. Hi Sam,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love you project! This is so stunning!

  2. This is fabulous! Love the Gelli background and the focal colouring - such a cool piece! xxx


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