Upsidedown Days

Hi there, I have had another upside day today - that's where I fall to sleep as soon as the kids are in bed and wake up in the middle of the night all refreshed?? I definitely should be a night shift worker, except that's a bit difficult when you are a stay at home Mam because you can't really take your kids to school and nine pm instead of am and you can't walk the dog at 3 in the morning instead of the afternoon.  So I will write this and get back to sleep and see if I can't get my body clock back to how it should be tomorrow??
This is called Paper Piecing, I did a version of this with Hels Sheridan.  What I liked about this was I was able to make all my own backing papers with the new ClarityStamp Word Chains.  The end result needs to be practiced a little but I do love these as backing papers. Even paler would be good too.
I don't think it helped today really when I had to do a total of five school runs, one dentist run, one shopping run and a dance class.  In total I got to spend 3.5 hours in the home during the day split into three sections, this not only means you can't get on with anything but you end up drinking a lot less cups of tea than you normally would, and you somehow end up wondering if you did have lunch or not.  It also didn't help when I drove my Son to the Dr instead of the Dentist??  I had a major senile moment, quite worrying really, because even when I realised I shouldn't be pulling into this car park and my Son said Mam Dentist not Dr?? I couldn't work out how to get to the Dentist which was about 2 minutes drive away?  He literally had to give me directions. Never been that bad before?

As well as the Paper Piecing I decided to chop it up a little too. The two side panels are stamped flat and blended from the clarity Blending Mat. Like I say a little more practice needed on the Paper Piecing I think, I could do a lot more with this, particularly using my Gelli Prints with the Word Chains. What you can do though is be really specific about where and how you  piece the papers, so watch this space, its my new "thing"!

After taking my Son back to school I then went to pick him up two hours later from school. My Daughter had a dance class after school so I had to get her 45 minutes after that (Taxi for Crowe???) so in-between pick up times me and my Son nipped to  the CafĂ© where my goods are for sale to get some photos.  Then we rushed out to get my Daughter and as I was pulling into the street my Son said "I think you have forgotten something Mam"?? "What I said"? "My Sister" he said? Then my alarm went off on my phone, "what is that for" he said?  Its to remind me to get you two from school.  He has a great way of tutting my boy does!! by the way he said your alarm is an hour late!!!

This was a Journal page I did and split it in half to make a card out of it.  Doesn't the other half make a great insert? You could photocopy it and pale it right down to almost see through.  It doesn't take long to achieve this with the great Stamps and Stencils from ClarityStamp
So if I am going to get some form of dementure  I am going to make sure I have a damn good time first! I know I always spell that word wrong but my friend Therese Pace will correct me, thanks Theresa.  I actually put down my "blank mindedness" that I get now and again to my hay days of wine, dancing, wine and more dancing and the fact I was always last to leave a party, event, holiday, and even my own Wedding do,  so its worth it!  I always tell people its best to leave a party while you are still enjoying yourself, but I never stopped enjoying myself so it wasn't good advice for me??

I am very proud of this one, I look at it and think Did I do this from a white piece of paper?? and yes I did. I have always wanted to achieve that authentic backing paper look, where it looks bought and if I say so myself, I do think I made it with this one. First one for me I think but not the last!
So talking of enjoying myself, I think I will enjoy  another four hours sleep now, so I will plonk a few pictures on here and of some cards I made for ClarityStamp for this weekends TV and then I will be off.  You can go to the ClarityStamp Website and see all of the DT Samples on there, also beside the products you can find pictures of  inspirational cards too from Barbara and all my lovely fellow Design Team member.  Those gorgeous Word Chains are on offer too.
I love my job on the ClarityStamp DT, look at all the gorgeous goodies we get to play with.
So I hope you all remember to "Carry On Crafting" it keeps you sane!
Bye for now
Sam xxx


  1. Wow Sam you excelled yourself in dizziness today!! You also excelled yourself with this lovely artwork. They're all fantastic but I adore the wedding piece, it's fabulous.
    Hope you got some sleep xxxxx

  2. You certainly had an upside-down day, didn't you? Hope tomorrow finds you right-side up again! I love the colourful journal page that you turned into a card, clever you!!!

  3. Amazing artwork as always Sam, hope today is the right way up for you xx

  4. Great artwork Sam. I never know what you are going to some up with next. I think your dementure (dementia) could have a link to your dental appt (denture) Lol, either way your blog made me laugh... Choas reigns in the creative mind!....... Vx

    1. Well you just made me laugh too Vanessa, thanks. xx

  5. These are all fab, as always inspirational
    I really like the one with the stripes and the last one is stunning
    Didn't see that one, but then still haven't watched the second hours show!

    1. Thank you Jools, the last one is one of the Tags that Dean was looking to pinch. He can have whatever he wants!!!! xx

  6. I love your artwork - don't worry about getting forgetful, someone reminded me a while ago that they used to run upstairs as a child and forget what they went up there for....I think we are more educated as we get older about dementia - I didn't even know what that was as a child - it wouldn't have even crossed our minds back then - age just makes us more aware, not necessarily more senile!! Sleep well tonight :-D x

  7. It's Dementia Sam..... anyway i do love the direction your art is going and that paper really looks like 'bought' paper xx


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