New Fussy and Fancy Friday Challenge

Hi there.  Well today is the launch of the new Fussy and Fancy Challenge - the theme is Birthdays.

I am going to keep this short and sweet (yeh she always says that I can hear you thinking)!  But really this time I am, I wrote my blog last night and put lots of pictures on for you, and today? NOTHING!  The Blog post has been stolen, its nowhere to be seen. 
I started with an MDFMan Tag and some Fresco Paint and a sponge.
So Birthdays, I have loads this month, Two Sisters, a Brother, a Niece a Good Friend and an Anniversary this month.  The obvious choice in the end for this Challenge DT piece was to make something I will actually use.
I love painting
I painted the edges randomly in black and white stripes.

Put the strips from the Clarity Lucky Stencil out like a ray of sunshine, hold in place with thumb (or tape) and paint through with the sponge and white chalky Fresco Paint.  Remember you are in my world, nothing has to be perfect, we are looking for random.
There you go, one or two sweeps of the sponge, job done, don't get fussy.
There is my finished result.  Almost as if it is all coming our from the flow of the Dress Form's skirt?

With the Clarity Word Chain, Birthdays, Stamp with Archival Black ink - randomly.   The ink will stick to the white paint but disappear over the black paint which is how I got this look.
My Niece Sarah is 30 years old this month, I can't believe it, I look back at my thirties as if they were just a few years ago and it was actually fjkiakmc  years ago, oops what happened to my keypad there???
See how the ink in between the white lines doesn't show up.  If it does show up you cold always do a little white wash over it. (heavily water down some paint and rub over with a sponge, or paint over with a sponge and wipe off with a wet wipe, but remember everything on here is paint) Or just leave it - not looking for perfect!!!xx
So I then carried on with the words and it looked too messy so I painted the white words on the black back out again. Oh the beauty of using paint!  I stamped the Dress Form image to line up with the words around the area I was putting it.
 So This Tag is for my Lovely Niece, I will slip a little envelop on the back for the Birthday Money, she has just moved into a brand new flat of her own and will need every penny she can get, I too bought a flat of my own in Swindon, Eastcott Hill round about the same age. It was 10 minutes walk from work and 2 minutes walk from my local pub.  
So this Tag/Gift Card is in the style that our Sarah would like, using the absolutely gorgeous ClarityStamp Journal set and Word Chains - I just love playing with these stamps and the Stencils to the Good Luck set too.  I remember when our Sarah was very young  I taught her to Stencil, I had permission to show her and her Sister Rachael how to Stencil their bedroom furniture, a great job they did of it too, wish I had a photo?

So where I had painted the letters back out I placed it with some stamping from this gorgeous grungy diamond stamp from the ClarityStamp Journal Set. I used Brilliance whit ink because it looks lovely and chalky over the paint.
I then started to decorate the bits that were going on top of the Tag. This was a cardboard label shape that I got free in a Magazine.  I roughly painted in white leaving some of the underneath uncovered, dry brushed tiny bits of black on the edges, that's it Aged!  I then stamped the 30 from the ClarityStamp Numbers set and the swirl from the Journal set.
I love Dress Forms and Lady Stamps I could dress them everyday, I used to love my paper dolls as a kid too!!

I had put the swirl stamp over her neck so it looks like she is wearing a necklace.
Mmmm she needs something else, that ribbon on her waist is too thick.

 There that's better obviously she just needed a butterfly and a rose!!!
Then something to give it that personal touch - and so that her Sister can't pinch it because her name is Rachael!!
And just a little splash of colour.
And there you have it, a Gift Tag with a little envelope on the back with some cash in it, and a mini hanging Gift to keep.
Boy I seemed to have taken a lot of photos of this one?
Have a great Day and please join in our Challenge its all about having fun and letting other people see your art. I love to see what other people are making.


  1. This is absolutely amazing Sam and I'm 100% certain that your niece will LOVE it.
    I love your methods and would love to spend a day with you in your Craft room xxxx

    1. Thank you Yvonne. Wouldn't that be lovely having you over to tidy my, I mean play in my craft room.!!!

  2. WOW Sam...LOVE your techniques and CREATIVE ideas!!! BEAUTIFULLY done!!! And the personalization...perfect for keeping Sisters at bay!!

  3. Can I come too Yvonne? As long as I am allowed to bring my big rucksack (to take away what Sam doesn't need lol) Brilliant tag Sam. I love what you do with all your artiness xxx

  4. Wow fantastic Sam, so love this, I'll have to get myself to your neck of the woods for a class xx

  5. Oh Sam this is fantastic thanks for the explanation too.xx

  6. Brilliant! So need to try this. I have just ordered the Art Journal Word Chain and some Stencils from Clarity Stamps. Can't wait for them to arrive!

  7. Love this Sam, so elegant and fantastic use of the word stamps
    Mine have just arrived, but need to get the stripes stencil too as everything I've seen you do with them is fab

    Jools x

  8. Great work Sam, as always Ilove your work and a fantastic blog post....great step by step....see you next weekend....Jo. Xxx

  9. love the feel of this tag Sam. and your niece will love it. ehm btw my birthday is next month? xx

    1. Noted Theresa, but I have a bad memory so remind again 10 days before!! xx thank you for your lovely comments. xx

  10. Fabulous tag Sam and I so loved the step by step guide. We mere mortals need all the help and inspiration we can get, and I certainly get a lot from your work. Thanks Sam... Vx

    1. Well thank you Mere mortal Vanessa xxx what a lovely thing to say. xx

  11. I don't know how you come up with these ideas Sam but its fantastic x


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