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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Clarity Stamp DT Samples for Hochanda TV Feb 2016

Hi there, thanks for dropping in.  Today I am just going to give you a FREE walk through my DT Samples  Gallery, nothing else just a Gallery of my DT cards for Clarity Stamp on  HOCHANDA TV. with Barbara Gray .

I had prepared a Blog, two in fact?  One was early and one was on the day of the show.  Boy you could tell I hadn't chatted on here for a while, the first blog was just bla bla blaaaaa and my second blog? Well, I had chopped masses of text out of it and I still fell to sleep every time I tried to check it through!!!

 So enough!!! No talking today just pictures, a sneak peak and then the full card and a very brief look at my thought process for each.  

So I hope you enjoy my FREE Gallery!! In your head you have to play that tune,  -
daaa  da da da daaaa  da da da daa da da - have you guessed the tune yet? its off a kids Art Programme!!

Boy did tjis one take me a long time - in fact they all do really, they are a labour of love, or sometimes a "Mixed Media" Fix It Job???!!!! They are the ones that I find most of my ideas in. 

Happy Engagement Day Paul - its OK he won't have any idea if I have the right day or not, neither do I? but this card was made with our Engagement in mind - 1988 
I had a Gelli Print, and I had some lovely stamps to play with !
Whilst using the Paris Mask I had thoughts of those poor people who lost their life on what should have been an average Saturday Night out - so this is for them. xxx
 Can you spot the difference between these two?  I had to make a slight adjustement.

Paul asked me to marry him on the Statue of Liberty, if you were paying attention above you would already know that!!!!  

The grass is always greener on "the other side" - no "on the other side"........
I should have done this one on a Canvas?
This one is my personal favourite - a lot of work went into this one, but I really enjoyed it.
I love where the red paint meets the blue too, and the depth of it - this is the glory of paint to me.
I also love how I got to do all this play on the trees because the Masks are completely flat.
 Lisa P MacGregor thinks I have re-created her family Tarten - it does look like a Tarten Skirt I had as a kid actually.  So this one is for you Lisa. xx
Life is never long enough - but this represents the young trees waiting to come up and live out their life.

So I hope you enjoyed my Gallery??

All of the links for these Stamps and Stencils are on the Clarity Stamp Website
you can follow this link to get to them. Including the new Groovi Plates on offer on the One Day Special show that was on the Monday too.

See you soon - well I say soon!! Getting my Blog to work took longer than making all these cards. In Fact Blogger itself took all of 5 hours to save three changes to my photos!!!

One day I will own a Mac PC I feel it in my bones!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Inky Techniques

Hi there - look, two Blogs in one month!!! I am almost back on track with my Regular Blog Spot!! Ha get it?!!!!
So I have had a good old "I don't believe it" session on here today, so if you are in a moaning mood why not grab a cuppa and join in, but while you do that you can take a look at what I originally wanted to show you, which is a few cards from my past using some lovely ClarityStamps and my Ink Blending Techniques.  I do enjoy blending ink just as much as playing with my Gelli Plate.
I do like to Characterise Stamps & Drawings -
 If I remember correctly these German Words mean "We Belong Together"
This Stamp Set has always been one of my favourites, and you get so much in the set.
Well if truth be known I have been sat for more than half an hour trying to upload 3 measly little photos to FB?  A few times I got distracted while I waited for them to upload, I have seen a well trained Rat fetching tissues when its owner sneezes, it also did a spin wen she held up a card saying sping?? WOW then I Saw Adele doing Karaoke in the car with James Gordon, that was good. I avoided the Doggy Rescue videos today as it can be very depressing, sometimes when I watch them (cos I have to) I skip straight to the happy bit near the end. 
I was very proud of this one, and actually looking at it. I think I will use this process in my next batch. The reason I was proud of it is because its very pretty to look at AND it has so much white space!! That is so rare for me.
So I turned off my Lap Top, turned it back on and still it just wouldn't upload more than two photos??? Well on principle alone now I wasn't going to give up, I wanted to show more than two photos so I am damn well going to find a way to do that if it takes me ALL DAY!!! FB said I can, it had a slot for me to do it - "Upload Photos/Videos?  Share with your friends?? Check in!!! Yeh OK so let me do that then??? Or is it just this annoying little Lap Top that is the problem????

This is another one I enjoyed making and actually liked the end result.  I think the ClarityStamp letters and numbers Stamps sets look lovely in all the different colour mixes. I just nip from one ink pad to the other when I do this, I don't care if they get contaminated, in fact the more they do the better for me because  you get some beautiful colours in the mix.  I use the Adirondack and Archival Ink Pads - I only mix within their own type though, Water based with waterbased, Archival with Archival.
 I could have gone to my IPad but the photos for that are stored on ICloud!! Well when they named this so called ICloud storage space that you can get to from anywhere???? (I beg to differ)!!!! I think they mis-spelled it. It should be spelt BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!! Because once you put a photo in there it just disappears never to be seen again.
Did you know, as ICloud fills up on one end it chucks items out the other?  Its a bit like those Two Penny slot machines where you stick a coin in and they all fall off at the end!! You can get them back BUT have you ever tried doing a Blog or FB post with photos that were stored in your ICloud say ? a year ago.  You can't just nip back to the place you last went to!!! Noooo that would be too quick! You have to remember how many swipes of the screen you did to get anywhere near the space where you picked the last photo from - I once did one where the photos were from the beginning of time, never again, it would have been quicker to upload 3 photos to my timeline on FACE BOOK???>??
And here are the  same stamp sets used again, same design but with a different look.
See sometimes when you want to make a batch of cards you don't have to design each one as you go, it can be really time consuming.  Here I just went for the same shapes, the same outline, the same colours and the same methods of blending and got 4 completely different looks.  With just a few stamp sets.  A variation on a theme.
So, what was I trying to do an hour ago??? Ah I know, I was trying to slip in a quick post on my FB Time line to say good morning????? See why I sometimes just don't appear on FB?  I am a much calmer person without it.  I almost bit the bullet and went out to buy myself a new Lap Top after trying to upload these three photos. My Lap Top runs so slow I swear its going backwards!!! Then I remembered what hassle it is when you first get a new Lap Top, having to put lots of passwords in that you will never remember again, and having to re-sign into all your bits and bobs with other passwords that are long gone from your memory.  The fact that I can't really afford one was the least of my concerns.
This was a very weird one, but see the Lady on the Left and the Giant pointing down at the Cat, well they just appeared when I sprayed my card in Ink.  So I gave her some hair, quite nice hair I think. Then I covered up as much of her boobs and bits  as I could with the Tree Houses and with the Giant I hadn't realised it looked so much like a person pointing down over until I put the curly hair there, it was meant to be foliage initially.
I wasn't going to send this one in as a DT piece but I did in the end, I actually love it myself - I think it would have been better used as a Journal Page though.  I bet ower Boss Lady, Barbara Gray was a little horrified when she received this???
I might get out my old Typewriter that I bought before Xmas, type you a Chain Letter, take a few photos of my work, get them developed in boots and attach one to each chain letter and then post them to you all !!! I think it would be quicker. What would the chain letter say???

Dear all, if I write a post on FB to say good morning, please respond because it probably took me a few hours to do!!!  Please do not break the chain ... ....!!!!

Carry on Whinging - I mean Crafting

Monday, 18 January 2016

2015 ClarityStamp DT Gallery

Hello there, boy I do miss Blogging - would you like to grab a cuppa and we can chat and I will showcase some of my Cards made for ClarityStamp.

One of my Favourite Designs from ClarityStamp is the "Word Chains" they are right u!p my street in every way. They are lovely to look at, useful, handy, can really "make" a piece of work
that you don't know how to finish off?  The most useful stamps I have.
See without these Word Chain Stamps this just wouldn't have looked finished! ART is my favourite word, I love how it looks and I love how it gives that suggestion to the viewer, they might not think it is ART but their brain will tell them it is!!!
That's why I use this one A LOT !!!
My  New Years Resolution (well one of them) is to be a regular Blogger like I used to be.  Its actually how I got started really, before I started to use Face Book. FB is great for keeping up with lots of people at once, although sometimes I find it a little overwhelming trying to keep up with all the posts.  Also  If you don't keep up with FB you get thrown to the bottom of everyone's list and then it can be disheartening if no-one acknowledges your post, i.e. like when you get more comments on your post about the back of your head than you do on a Video you took time to make showcasing your work over the last few years.  See one is personal and one is about what I do? Well just so you know  I appreciate all the social  comments about my new hair do and the Crafty comments, and friends.  See sometimes we just want to get personal and chatty.

Meet Lilly - Isn't she lovely.
She has a lot of lovely friends too.

The Ladies - I love all of the Claritystamp Lady Stamps. I love giving them Gelli Plate Dresses!
This is one of my samples used in my Gelli Plate Class last year, and below is the samples from my Students, ha ha that sounds so weird saying my Students? Attendees? Mates/
Mmmm now I am not sure who did which card, who claims this one? Its Gorgeous isn't it?
This colour combo is just perfect.
Again I am not sure who made this one but again I think it looks great.This one has a Gelli Plate Background with "Sam's Eggs" (that's me) Stencil added over the top. We put a piece of square card in the middle to keep that area white and then that piece of card was stamped on and cut out to make a matching dress, then we stamped Lilly  directly onto the centre of the card too and got her all dressed up.
Was this one done by Jayne ? I know Jayne likes Green and I think it works really well
over the Yellow background print.  More of a "Lets Do Lunch" dress do you think?
Again this one was done by me, what would I have done without the
Gelli Plate to make it look like I know what I am doing eh?
This was my very first Gelli Plate Class in 2014 and the lovely Lynne Hammond came along to support me.
So what does this mean?  Well, I think People are interested in the work I and our Clarity Team do otherwise we wouldn't have so many FB Friends from like-minded Crafters but maybe the Blog is where people want to see Crafty posts about what we do, after all you can put in a good picture tutorial on a Blog.   I always used to do this sort of post through my Blog, so that's the way I will do it again now.  Apart from anything else I do like to waffle on about what I do, who I see and what new stamps, stencils, paints etc I have been playing with.  Most of all I love to do Tutorials, in Pictures and on You Tube.  So I hope you will re-join me in 2016 to get all Bloggy again. 

Ah this was an ATC I did a long time ago where I turned Lilly into Mary Poppins. So who knows which Stamp Set this Cat is from?  The Swirl Stamp is another one of my Favourites.  I was going to give you the link to the Floral stamp but there are so many gorgeous ones I thought I would link you to the whole lot so you can check them out.   There are a lot I have missed myself, those daffodils for instance, I NEED them.
Look, even she would have fitted into that Magic Bag of hers!
I can't remember who received this ATC?
I would like to say I appreciate every one of my Blog Followers and your comments and I know (because you have told me) that some of you do not like to comment but you do like to read my Blogs so Lets begin afresh for 2016.

Ah here is another Lovely Clarity Lady - I told you I like Lady Stamps!
This one I added to this Photo Frame, then gilded it in Gold after putting the Pattern on with Grunge Paste.
She is called La Petite Musique and has a few friends too.

So what are my Plans this year - well as it has been for the last 2 and a half years, for me, its all about ClarityStamp. I love the products. I love the buzz of being on the DT and I love my Team Mates.  Barbara in particular - our Boss Lady as I like to call her, never ceases to amaze me with her forethought, her talent and her generous ways.  I think we all know that she invented the first See Through Stamp, and she has been bringing us a wide range of innovative Crafty ideas ever since.  She is a very talented Stamp Designer and is still generous in giving other designers a chance to shine too. I still have a list as long as my arm of  Clarity Stamps I "need". 
This little beauty is the next one on my list, she reminds me of me lounging around the house !!!! Ha Ha.
  So this  Blog of many for 2016 will be an overview of my Cards in Pictures and Video showcasing some of those lovely stamps.  I can't wait to see what new things we have coming our way this year.  I wonder if any of my Teamies would be up for a Blog Hop next month?  Mmmm that could be fun, what do you think, would you follow a blog hop? what would you want to see at the end of it??

and this is me practicing my Tap Dancing in the Kitchen, I drive the kids nuts!
I have always wanted to get work in Magazines too and it looks like that might just be starting to happen, so watch this space.  I have also now learnt how to use IMovie Properly and will be doing more video tutorials,  Classes are never far from my thoughts but when you are a single Mam for a big chunk of the year then your time isn't really your own, its hard to make commitments on a regular basis, so one off sessions is definitely the way to go for me but I do wonder if I would get enough people wanting to attend and if I do get enough people will I have enough equipment?? The perfect option for me would be to do Online classes, would people pay to watch me online? well maybe it can be something I look into, of course I am talking Gelli Plate here, mixed in with Journaling, stamping, blending etc etc Mmmm, we will see, all I know is that if I don't get something going I might have to "get a job"??? Oh noooo????

Oh and look here is my Living Room and Skye is sniffing the Xmas Presents!
You could make a whole story book with these Clarity Stamps couldn't you!. I have always
loved this Wrought Iron Dolls House Set.
 I sometimes think I am so lucky to be a stay at home Mam when my kids are so NOT toddlers anymore!! But I did always intend to "work from home" they told us once on Tomorrow's World that one day we would all be working from home?? Well I haven't seen any REAL online jobs advertised have you?

Anyway enough for now.  I hope you will join me on my refreshed Blog Journey this year, we have had fun in the past haven't we?? My lack of Blogging all started with trouble from my Blogs homesite and that has never been properly put right, so I will carry on flitting from Lap Top to Ipad and back again, so that I can keep this Blog alive.
Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed my Gallery.  Which are your favourite Stamps from Clarity?  I have provided you with links to some of mine, but there are a lot more that even I have been discovering as I was looking through my list - so many to buy, so little time!!!
Here is a Video of a Gelli Plate Journal I did using some of my favourite ClarityStamps
The Journal Set obviously? & Birds & Music Set also the Word Chains
 Please click the link under the picture.
So thank you for popping in and I hope to see you again soon!.xx
Carry On Crafting
Sam xxx 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

DT Cards for ClarityStamp Oct 2015

Well our Barbara Gray of ClarityStamp has been on our TV Screens again with some great Demonstrations - If you missed it you might catch a repeat or maybe get it on catch up here:-
SKY TV 663
Freeview 39
Freesat 817
She will be on tomorrow night too (Tuesday 27th Oct) at 20:00 (8pm) it's a One day special and is repeated at the same time on Wednesday!

Anyway I have been a busy bee lately helping out family and friends so I am doing catch up and want to practice drawing my faces too ah except I have just remembered !!!! I ordered the lovely new Groovi People so I think I will be getting them out instead. After watching Barbara on the Groovi plate on HOCHANDA TV yesterday I was getting a real urge to get my Groovi on and now I have a few hours to chill with it. So I will just let you enjoy (or NOT enjoy) my Artwork or whatever you want to call it? That I made for the shows.

This card was made using a mix of Paint and Ink through the ClarityStamp  Stencils I liked the way the underneath layer of brighter colours showed through the top layer so I just highlighted the Bell through the Stencil with Charcoal. Then I used a Translucent Paint over the  top for the Words.
This is all a bit too pink for me but it might be to some peoples taste??? I put GP through the Tree Stencil and used the Holly Stencil for the background and some Christmas Clarity Word Chain Stamps for the Sentiment.  Clarity have designed some fabulous word and letter stamps, enough to cover every taste. Like these Line Sentiments for instance, which are actually on Sale as we speak??  Hey Grab a bargain while you can Line Sentiments 
For this one I had a bit of a play on my Gelli Plate to get a Xmassy looking background then I Stencilled the Tree over the top with a sponge and PaperArtsy Fresco Paints and did a little bit of doodling and coated with Glossy Accents.

I really enjoyed making this one, it started with a Gelli Plate Print then I had a little play.  I will do a You Tube Video on this one to show exactly what I did.  The You Tube Videos are just a little hobby of mine, but some people say they like them. They are true to the way I work, slap it on and see what we end up with. xx Well I do have a tiny plan in my head. I also decided on this one to add a hanging hook ready to put on the wall, well it just makes sense with a Bell doesn't it?
This one kind of did itself.  I was cleaning my Gelli Plate and got this lovely print.  I thought the gap in the middle was perfect for my JOY Stamp.  I decided to put one of the Xmas Wee folk in the middle which I think fits perfectly. I stamped him over a few pads to get his colour matching the print so he looked like he was part of the Gelli Print.
I nearly threw this one out and now it is one of my favourites? You know why, it looks like a real card!!and it is very repeatable. I put GP through the Tree Stencil and left it slightly rough for texture.  I coloured it with Green Inks then drew the squares with dots in the middle - I thought people would think this was naff so that's why I nearly threw it out.  But then I realised it just needed a lovely Word Chain Sentiment.

This is my Favourite of all the ones I did.  I did some Gelli Plate Block Stamping and then a little doodling and stamping on the top before I put the GP through the Bauble Stencil, I then added Gold GP over the top of that.  Messy but calm is what I would call it? what do you think?  I think I will be making a few of these for friends and family, if I get the time?
With this I went back to my days of Pattern Stamping and Good Old Ink Blending, I mean with a  good thick coating of Ink. I just needed some vibrant colour in my day.  The actual Bauble is from a Gelli Print with the Ink over the top, then I put some Glossy Accents around it to make it look like it was raised.
So this is all the cards I made
and this is all the cards I sent.
Ooops I nearly forgot about this one!  Well there had to be one really messy grungy one didn't  there?? This all started with a Gelli Print, the Joy just had to be stamped over that Sun didn't it and I went on from there!

I hope you like my cards and I appreciate every visit to my Blog, Comments are great too if you get chance but NO PRESSURE!!!!
If you want to see my You Tube Videos they are and will be posted on my
" Art On A Gelli Plate - Tutorial and Play" FB Page
I have also just posted a great video by Erika too on how to make a
Gelli Plate Book & Book Binding.

Bye for now
Sam Crowe xx

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