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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Cleaning My Gelli (R) Plate

Gelli is a registered name to Gelli(R) LLC
who have very kindly given me permission to use it on my
Art On A Gelli (R) Plate Page on Face Book. Xx
So just a quickie. I nipped into my craft room to do a little Invitations Project - Commissioned by my Bro so it has to be good! Anyway I realised I had left my Gelli Plates all covered in paint after a post the other day. I was so excited at receiving my
Baby Gelli Plate that I had to tell everyone on my FB Page. I don't know if anyone is listening but Hey, if a Tree Falls Down in the Woods Alone, I bet someone or something, somewhere hears it!!!
I have a reason for wanting my small Gelli Plates, I have ordered the small round one too - they are so cute and dinky. Xx
Apart from the fact they are small and dinky and will fit in my handbag/ Caravan/ Suitcase!! I have a major project in mind.
I have always wanted to be a "Real" Designer. Even from way before I knew I was "Arty"?! All those years before I did my Painting and Decorating Course, or my Interior Design Course it was pointed out to me by a very good friend that I thought different to most people. We were looking at a photo one day and I said to her "WOW Look at that Wallpaper"! "Sam" she whispered in my ear "you are supposed to be admiring the Baby"! "Oh really"? I said. X
When I saw Fabric I wished I could design my own, when I saw furniture I Wanted to make changes. But even with Electrical goods or pottery, I get so Excited when I see good and clever design. The American 50's Diners and dresses are my Heroes in design style and so is Goudy and MacIntosh. In Pottery it has to be Mary Rose Young - who actually did get some pieces shown on the Changing Rooms shows back in the day. One of my Favourite rooms of all time was the Alice in Wonderland style room done by Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen. And yet in my own home right now you would struggle to find any kind of pattern - apart from Sanderson Dandelion Clock and Fifi Designs - quite Funny when you think about what I produce for DT work? So I definitely have Eclectic taste! That's what the inside of my head is like!!!

In the days of Changing Rooms (Linda Barker, Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen etc) I realised how munch I loved Interior Design. People used to ask my advice all the time and ask me to do quick make-overs etc - But actually in my family I am not the best at this, all my 4 sisters are arty and have different design ideas. But I am the one who has the passion for it. I have said often that it all comes from my Mam teaching us all sorts of skills as young kids. So - Anyway I have an Idea ! No big drum roll or anything just an idea that I want to make into a useable idea. Watch this space.
For now I just needed to clean up these Gelli Plates.
I didn't want to waste the Paint So I transferred it to my Journal as you can see in my pictures. I will come back and doodle over it later and post pics. Enough waffle for now Eh.
Thank you for checking in. Xx

Monday, 4 May 2015

DT- Exploding Wedding Stationary Box for Stamp on C&C TV May 2015

Exploding Box - Wedding Stationary for Arty Brides

Well at last I have a fixed computer and so far my Blogger is working too!! Even though it still says there is a fault. Boy I have missed my Blogging.  I have had to make people suffer really long Timeline posts on my FB instead!! Thank you to everyone who actually read to the end of them. And thank you for all your support lately I really appreciate it. xxx

So today Our Barbara Gray was on Create and Craft TV with Clarity Stamp products that were so popular that they sold out, everything, I mean everything, and really quickly too. So fast that I don't think she actually got to finish any of her demonstrations.  I think even the Gelli Plate she was using was on reserve for someone.  It was Mad???? But in a good way. Hey hold on to your knickers Barb!!! xx I may just post further on this during the week!!!
So One of my DT samples made using the Stencils and Stamps for this show was an Exploding Wedding Stationary Box. I came up with the idea, 1. because I love to make things a little different or just make things really !, 2. because I struggle with white spaces, 3. I had all these beautiful prints that I was going to make into Cards, but I also wanted to do justice to the Stamps, Stencils and Gelli Prints, I thought this was  better achieved by cutting up all the best bits.
So I had two Gelli Plate Prints in Complimentary Colours and decided that I would just make an exploding Wedding Stationary Box and "see how it went"!! You can always scrap a project and start again right?  I very rarely do though I love to find a way to make what I have look good!??
Don't you think these beautiful stamps look great with just bits of them bursting into the scene here and there.
and the Childlike Stencil Prints mixed in too - I love that look, always have!

I always love Word Stamps, you can't get enough of them can you? Clarity have a really wide choice of these now with their Strip Words, Letterpress and Word Chains, definitely worth a look.
This Stamp was designed by our very own Julie Owens. Well done Julie and Congratulations. I bet it was great to see your Stamp Design  on TV - Its a lovely Stamp Set to work with too.
Also our own Mandy Branston Designed a Stamp for the show too,  Congratulations Mandy Yours is also a lovely stamp to work with.  Here it is in the middle section - I have other cards that I made using this stamp and I will show them in a later Blog.
So the Lid - do you like my Home made Ribbon?? I made it and frayed it on my New Brother Sewing Machine.  You will be seeing a lot more work from me on this as soon as I find the time, I have a lot of Design Ideas.
Look isn't it great!! I have always wanted a machine that does "Real" Embroidery Stitches.
So the Reveal, the Hand is modelled by my Daughter! xx
I have a lot of blogs to catch up on, some tutorials, some from past shows showing my Samples, already written, but I couldn't get my photos to upload or my Blog to update, but anyway it is sorted now (I think) so I will just keep posting until I get caught up.  But first I will show you the Exploding Box I made as a sample of what you could do as Wedding Invitations using Gelli Plate Prints and Clarity Stamps and Stencils and Fresco Paints.

Oh before the Reveal - this is almost all of the products I used to make this.
A Gelli Plate
Clarity Stencil
Fresco Paints
Amanda's Stamp
Julie's Stamp
Barbara's Stamps
Mel's Stamps
I am so proud to be on this Team. xx
I see Barbara had a new Clarity Blue Craft Mat too - I think looking at this one I definitely need one, don't you?
So these are the bits and bobs of my Gelli Prints using the Clarity Stencils that I cut up and made into squares for the box and Invitation Booklets.

They looked a lot better cut up - I often chop up my work from a full sheet, it makes everything look more interesting than sometimes when you cut it up first and then decorate.

This was the print that got me started on this, Julie's stamp looked lovely on here but I knew if I sent it in as a Card it wouldn't stand out enough and do it justice, but here it is the main feature.

This idea came from my "Tag You're It" Design for Tags a while back.  I love to see a little piece of the Art on the front inside the Card/Tags.
This is the full inside base.

I love this print with the Clarity Flower Stencil - but again as a Card it didn't make the grade for me, but I love it here because again it has become the main feature, which is what I wanted it to be. I think this would have looked good as a Journal Page Background too.
I loved how the Stencil flower just popped in from the Top and you have the Grungy (but pretty) Gelli Print on the rest of it. - by the way I am not praising my own work here, this is just what was going through my head when I was making it, it did take me a loooonnngggg time!

Linda Page - if you read this Blog, this is the project that made me think of you!!!

Here is a close up of the Menu Book

I also included the RSVP - I remember a time when these were never included in Invites you had to buy one to reply.

So that's it, this is the full inside of the Box and below is the full Outside of the Box

I did enjoy making it. I hope you like it.  Would I make 80 of them - Mmmmm???? well if you photocopied it onto thick card, embossed the fold lines - It is Dooable and Cheap!x

So I hope you like my Mixed Media/Altered Art/ Arty Farty Wedding Invitations and why not, why can't we have colourful wedding invites??
In complete contrast I made a Wedding Stationary Design for people who like a bit more simplicity.   My favourite of the two is the Exploding Box though, Mixed Media Fans attend weddings too?? I will blog the other Invite Pack and some of my cards as the week goes on, I have a lot of Blogging to Catch up on.
By for now
Thank you for nipping in, all comments are greatly appreciated thank
Carry On Crafting
 Sam Crowe. xxxxx

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tim Holtz 12 Tags Challenge -March 2015

This s my entry for the March 12 Tags Challenge on Tim Holtz Blog.
I really enjoyed making this Tag. Apart from the fact I love paint it reminded me of a few methods I haven't used for a while or had given up on.

So this is my Entry for Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2015 - March
Like for instance last year at the Clarity Stamp Open Days when I was demonstrating I showed a few ladies a tag I had done with the embossing paste on the Grunge Paste I was demonstrating but I hadn't quite got the results I wanted, so we did some Ad Lib demoes to see what else we could stick to GP. It's a great tip from Tim to let the paste dry before you use the Heat Gun - I wish I had listened BEFORE I embossed my with the Heat Gun, I would have had a much clearer image.

So I wanted to start off the same as Tim and just go off on a tangent when I am ready.

Positioning is a big thing to me as in its the only time I am a bit OCD - I really try to be A Symmetrical but I just can't do it, but its all about balance anyway and drawing your eye to every corner of the tag. So I just added my bit of symmetry  on the bottom.
But when it comes to paint and ink the OCD Symmetry thing goes out the window I am a totally different person when it comes to blending edges.
So like Tim I dragged and dabbed my Tag in the Paint, this works completely different to doing it with ink- mine went a little muddy in areas so I just added more paint and more water till I was happy with it, the good thing with paint is you can always just rub it off with a wet wipe if you are quick enough.
I did a bit of dripping too, I had to add white, I love white in paint and ink and pens and pencils, because I can't leave "white spaces" so I just add my own.
The Tag was pretty wet by the time I had finished playing so I double dipped onto another Tag. I will use that one another time.
Look at the white behind the tree doesn't it look lovely. I Used one of my favourite Clarity Stamps for this the main feature as I don't have the butterfly and I think this is a picture all in itself. So I stamped and spread the Clear Embossing Powder over straight away.
This is it embossed, I love this background and I think the stamp just jumps off the Tag. These Paint colours by Ranger are lovely.
So the random GP - I love G|P as anyone who follows my Blog knows. Anyway I have had this Tim Holtz Stencil for ages and it gets used in my Journal and I thought it would be perfect for this Tag.
I was really enjoying this process just playing along to someone else's game so to speak!

So I will give you some Links here to Products.
Clarity Stamp - Stamp
Tim Holtz Stencil  
Added one of my all time favourite embellishments in the Tim Holtz Range, I always have one pack of these in use, one in stock and one on order! As it should be.
Mmmmmmm see that Gap to the left, I just have to fill that in. !!!!
So my ingredients, back out with the Eye Test Stencil, one of Tim's nibs - I looorrrvvveee these, a bit of torn paper and some Tim Holtz Distress Inks (I buy mine through Clarity Stamp)  
So lets go!
A quick random stencil job using the round blender - these are great too.
Finish off the edges a little to match the colours on the Tag.
Always print one background with an enclosing dark frame !! because it looks so mysterious. This is the Tag done and a nib and the message is? "See the World in all its Glory" You might not know why this is relevant to this Tag but I DO!. XXX
APRIL 12 TAGS OF 2015.  I am quite pleased with it, thanks Tim for the inspiration. Ha Ha like he would ever see this?
 So I hope you like my Tag I look forward to making the next one. The link to Tim's Challenge is here - carry on crafting and thank you for stopping by.
Sam  xx

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